SNM Shah College Ground

S.N.M.Shah M.Ed. College was established on 1st JUNE 2007.

NCTE CODE 325045


To enlighten and empower future educationist in order to generate new horizons of knowledge and inculcate dynamism in a complex global society.


To create conducive environment for student-teachers by providing them comprehensive educational experience that nurtures all-round excellence.


  • 1. To offer a platform to those aspiring for higher education in a comparatively rural location.
  • 2. To provide a worthy degree at the Post graduate level in the stream of education to those who aspire to become future educationists.
  • 3. To offer a conducive atmosphere wherein young student teachers are exposed to the emerging global trends of education.
  • 4. To enable young student teachers to develop relevant ICT skills and make effective use of it in provision of future education.
  • 5. To inculcate character- building in young student teachers who will thereby enlighten future generations through their learned educational skills and educational management.