S.N.M.Shah M.Ed. College was established on 1st JUNE 2007.
NCTE CODE No.is 325045

Educational Technology Lab

The institute has well equipped E.T. lab which is needed for the all round development of teacher trainees in the present era. We have enough equipment in the lab.


Psychology Lab

The first psychology laboratory was established in Leipzing in 1879 by Wilham Wondt. From that time till today, the experiments of psychology has contributed a lot in the learning process. The equipment available in the psychology lab are fork dexterity and finger dexterity, card sorting tray and various experimental charts etc.


Computer lab

The college has well equipped computer laboratory. There are facilities of printer and internet connection in the laboratory.



The institute has very well equipped library. There are total 2410 books, 4 journals , 699 titles, 720 reference books , 630 text books , 2 daily news paper and 13 magazines are available in the library. Seating capacity in the library is 40 . 197 Dissertation CD available in the Library .There are modern reference books, dictionaries in the English and Gujarati, Encyclopaedias of educational psychology, Educational Research, Educational Technology and volumes of Encyclopaedia, M.B. Buch Surveys of research and lots of books are available.


Multipurpose Hall

The institute has very large and well equipped Hall which is used for teaching-learning activities, co-curricular activities and various educational functions.


Career Guidance Room

The institute has career guidance room too which can be used for guidance about career.



The institute has a big hostel for the students. There are 90 rooms in it including 42 rooms for girls and 58 rooms for boys with good resident facilities.